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Full Product Range

Switch mode inductor transformer
Switch mode inductor /transformer
choke for use in switch mode power supplies. 

Switch mode inductor / transformer

Filter choke

Filter choke widespread application in electronic circuits. 
Filter choke

Laminated transformers <1kVA
PCB mounted laminated transformerWidespread use. 

Laminated transformer

Laminated transfromers 1kVA+
1kVA – 300KVA laminated transformersWidespread use. 

Laminated transformer

Low profile laminated inductor

Low profile laminated inductor / choke / transformers supplied in a potted box, PCB mounting.  Widespread use. 
Toroidal transformer

Self supporting coil

Self supporting coils are frequently used for Radio Frequency tuning, suppression and high saturation inverter chokes.
Self supportinf coil


Solenoids for use in electro mechanical switching devices. 

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Transformer design
Transformer design & transformer manufacturer

Amethyst transformers are manufactured to international standards -  Medical BS EN 60601, Technical Equipment BS EN 60950, Safety Isolating BS EN 61558 (60742) we have full trace ability of production using UL-approved materials.